In 2016, there were , resulting in 1,089 fatalities and 47,653 injuries, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation. Traffic accidents were reported every 3 minutes and 22 seconds in the state.

Because of the high incident of accidents, it is important that you know what to do after an accident and what steps you should take to protect your rights and your accident claim.

What to Do After a Truck or Auto Accident

The moments after an automotive accident are often confusing. Keep this checklist nearby so that you remember to follow these important steps:

  • Move to a safe location – If the accident is a minor one and the vehicles may cause other motorists to crash into them, move the vehicle off the road in a safe location. Turn on your hazard lights and place safety cones around the vehicles.
  • Report the accident – Even if you think you were not injured, it is important to get a record of the accident so that you can later make an insurance claim. Contact local law enforcement. Request an ambulance if you have been injured.
  • Exchange information – Get the other driver’s name, contact information, driver’s license number, and insurance information. If a truck was involved, copy the Department of Transportation number and the company’s name.
  • Gather information – If you are able, take pictures of the accident scene, debris on the roadway and the damage to your vehicle. Ask any witnesses for their contact information.
  • Contact a lawyer – Search for an “auto injury lawyer near me” to find a local auto accident lawyer to assist you with your claim.

Common Causes of Truck and Automobile Accidents

Automotive accidents are often due to driver error, such as disobeying traffic rules, speeding or running a red light. Distracted driving also plays a significant part in auto accidents.

According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, some of the most common causes of truck accidents are:

  • Failing to yield the right-of-way – Big trucks may aggressively push others out of the way or go when it is not their turn.
  • Unseen object, person or vehicle – Truck drivers have the responsibility to look out for other motorists and dangers on the roadway.
  • Defective equipment – Defective equipment contributed to 4.5 percent of Alabama truck accidents in 2016.
  • Fatigue – Truck drivers are required to comply with hours of service rule to prevent tired drivers from causing catastrophic accidents.

An experienced Alabama auto accident lawyer can investigate the cause of your accident and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

Contact an Auto Injury Lawyer Near Me

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